News News of the Week: Saving Tips 2017 – For singles, families and students

News News of the Week: Saving Tips 2017 – For singles, families and students

Friday, 09.12.16 , written by Cora Christine Döhn The year 2017 is upon us. Many a fox may have already begun to collect the best savings tips for themselves and their family. Our editors also researched this week how families, students and singles can best save in 2017 and find more money in

Spartipps 2017 für Familien, Singles und Studenten

With the savings tips 2017 have more money in your wallet

Annual check: Are health insurance companies, electricity providers and the Internet still the cheapest?

At the turn of the year, it is worth taking a look at the regular costs for health insurance and electricity, gas and Internet providers. Because often the old contracts are no longer the best and cheapest. Moving to another company usually requires little effort and helps reduce monthly expenses .

However, the contracts can not simply be terminated at any time . In most cases, notice periods of one to three months exist – with some Internet and mobile providers, the terms are often at least two years. However, if the provider increases the costs , there are special termination rights that customers can use.

Some health insurances could also become more expensive next year, because they increase the additional contribution, while others keep their contributions stable. If your own health insurance requires more money in 2017 , the insured should think about a change.

More money in your pocket: child benefit and allowances are raised

The year 2017 brings some financial relief . The basic tax-free allowance will be adjusted in 2017 from currently 8,652 euros to 8,820 euros . The child allowance is also expected to increase to 7,356 euros. The child benefit will also increase next year – but only by two euros per month. Critics call the tax reform therefore also “tax reform”. The child supplement for low-paid workers, however, looks a little better. Here the support increases by ten euros to a total of up to 170 euros per month .

For single parents 2017 changes a lot: One parent families are entitled to more maintenance from the other parent. Children up to 5 years are entitled to at least 150 euros maintenance , children up to 11 years to 201 euros, children up to 18 years to 268 euros and children over 18 years to 335 euros a month. The advance on maintenance received by single parents who receive no or too little maintenance from the other parent will continue to be paid in future until the child reaches the age of majority and is no longer limited to just 72 months.

Saving tips for students and latecomers: submit tax declaration by 31 December 2016

The deadline for the tax return 2015 is already long gone. Because on 31 May each year , the tax office expects the tax returns of citizens. However, those who consult a tax consultant or a tax payers’ association when declaring their tax will be granted a deadline extension until 31 December 2016 .

For students, December 31st of each year is an important date. After all, they can file a tax return for up to seven years retroactively and thus deduct their study costs. On average, they get 3,000 euros back from the state . This year brings particular savings potential for students, as the seven-year period is expected to be shortened to four years in 2017. Therefore, students and graduates should submit their tax returns from 2009 to 2012 until the end of the year .

Basic security increases for singles, children and more

In Germany, every citizen is entitled to basic security, which can not make a living alone. These include, for example, people of retirement age without sufficient pension entitlements, the long-term unemployed and children affected by poverty and people with disabilities who earn little or no income. For children from the age of 7 to 14, the basic pension increases as of 1 January 2017 the most . Their legal guardians receive 291 euros per month then 21 euros more money . Single, non-workable adults, people with disabilities and adolescents aged 15 to 18 each receive five euros more.

Saving under the palm trees: These destinations are particularly favorable in 2017

In 2017, to make well-deserved holidays as cheaply as possible, you just have to choose the right place at the right time . The prices for flights and accommodation often depend on the destination and the travel time. Those who want to leave Germany as far as possible and toying with long-distance travel to Thailand, Vietnam or South Africa fly best in February, November and December. Closer destinations such as Ireland, Portugal, Austria or Croatia are cheaper between May and September .

Some people prefer to save their holidays and stay at home. There they also have the opportunity to use many offers on site cheaper. In most major cities there is a family pass , with which leisure facilities are cheaper. So the visit of the swimming pool, cinema or museum is possible even with small means. Some cities, such as Berlin or Frankfurt am Main, also offer discounted public transport tickets. In Berlin, however, the reduced fares are only available to people who are entitled to social assistance or the so-called Berlin Pass .

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