Do you give the user profile of P2P loans?

P2P loans are a new alternative form of financing and investment that has become popular in our country in recent years when banks tightened the requirements to access consumer loans. These platforms connect people who need loans with people who are willing to provide them with the financing they need in exchange for a certain return- this site usually works for me.

Who requests financing through crowdlending?

Who requests financing through crowdlending? 

According to a study prepared by Zank, the profile of the borrowers of the P2P loans are, mostly, men, single, between 31 and 40 years old, who live in large cities, work for others and count, less, with secondary education or professional training. 

Some crowdlending platforms are also presented as an alternative financing for companies. In the case of SMEs that resort to P2P loans, they are companies that do not have problems to get loans with the bank, but want to diversify their sources of financing, they have to be consolidated and have a period in benefits to be able to access the financing. through crowdlending.

The profile of P2P loan investors

The profile of P2P loan investors


The investors in this type of loans are, in 93%, men between 31 and 45 years with a minimum investment of € 2,000 invested in more than 20 different projects, according to the same study by Zank. Investors in Spain have historically been very moderate so the profile of these investors is a mix between users accustomed to new technologies seeking new ways to achieve profitability in their savings and flee from the current low rates of deposits and the volatility of the markets.

With the crowdlending platform LoanBook, for example, we can invest in different loans and promissory notes of Spanish companies. It has 9 risk categories (from A ++ to C +) so that we can choose between the profitability we want to obtain and the risk that each category represents. In the last financial year, it obtained an average return of more than 5% and has an expected annual loss between 0.22% and 5.5%, depending on the risk category we choose and the level of diversification. In order to invest in LoanBook P2P loans, we must have an initial capital of € 6,000 to be able to make an optimal diversification.

The new “Business Financing Law” differentiates between accredited and non-accredited investors or professional and amateur investors. This categorization aims to protect small savers by limiting their total maximum investment to € 10,000 among all the P2P lending platforms that participate and € 3,000 per project investment. In addition, according to the law, before beginning to invest in these platforms, they must sign a document certifying that they have been informed of the risks of investing in P2P loans.

The G8 urges to ensure that aid reaches the poor

The G8 urges to ensure that aid reaches the poor

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – African and world aid groups praised rich countries on Sunday for pardoning the billions of dollars in debt but said more could still be done and the challenge was to get the poorest people to benefit. of the help.
El G8 insta a asegurarse de que la ayuda llegue a los pobres

Reuters Reuters

The Group of Eight (G8) – United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Germany and Russia – announced on Saturday an agreement for debt relief with multilateral organizations from some of the poorest countries in the world .

The aid agencies said that this was the kind of initiative for which they had campaigned, but that the G8 could go further and expand the list of countries to benefit as well as the basket of aid offered.

They also added that aid often did not reach the poorest.

'There are very considerable bottlenecks to transfer funds from commitment to tangible aid. Sometimes these gains do not reach those who need them most, "said Greg Ramm, leader of the British group Save the Children in South Africa.

His group wanted to see the benefits of debt relief go to improving schools, health care and food, especially for children, Ramm told Reuters.

British Finance Minister Gordon Brown told British television on Sunday: "It's the biggest debt settlement that can be achieved and I think this is the starting point."

"But it will only be successful if it is applied with help, imparting justice, transparency, confronting corruption."

Debt relief worth 40 billion dollars (33,000 million euros) would be enough to eliminate the debt of 18 countries, which is the so-called "end point" of an initiative of the IMF and the World Bank.

The 'end point' is the date on which the cancellation of the debt becomes effective. The 18 countries are Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


Analysts said that the debt that some of the countries owed to other lenders that were not international organizations, was still too big.

"We need to have the entire debt annulled so that there is an impact on economic growth and development and to accelerate spending on social sectors such as health and education in a country like Zambia," said Isaac Ngoma, executive secretary of the group. specialists Association of Economy of Zambia.

"For many of the countries involved, it is a positive step, but it is still a small step," Ngoma told Reuters.

Other employees of humanitarian aid groups said the G8 had shown that it could take drastic steps to help Africa at the G8 summit next month in Gleneagles, Scotland.

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu urged officials to closely monitor the agreement to make sure funds were not diverted by corrupt leaders.

/ By Manoah Esipisu /

  • The G8 urges to ensure that aid reaches the poor

    Reuters (Reuters)

    "> The G8 urges to ensure that aid reaches the poor

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News News of the Week: Saving Tips 2017 – For singles, families and students

News News of the Week: Saving Tips 2017 – For singles, families and students

Friday, 09.12.16 , written by Cora Christine Döhn The year 2017 is upon us. Many a fox may have already begun to collect the best savings tips for themselves and their family. Our editors also researched this week how families, students and singles can best save in 2017 and find more money in

Spartipps 2017 für Familien, Singles und Studenten

With the savings tips 2017 have more money in your wallet

Annual check: Are health insurance companies, electricity providers and the Internet still the cheapest?

At the turn of the year, it is worth taking a look at the regular costs for health insurance and electricity, gas and Internet providers. Because often the old contracts are no longer the best and cheapest. Moving to another company usually requires little effort and helps reduce monthly expenses .

However, the contracts can not simply be terminated at any time . In most cases, notice periods of one to three months exist – with some Internet and mobile providers, the terms are often at least two years. However, if the provider increases the costs , there are special termination rights that customers can use.

Some health insurances could also become more expensive next year, because they increase the additional contribution, while others keep their contributions stable. If your own health insurance requires more money in 2017 , the insured should think about a change.

More money in your pocket: child benefit and allowances are raised

The year 2017 brings some financial relief . The basic tax-free allowance will be adjusted in 2017 from currently 8,652 euros to 8,820 euros . The child allowance is also expected to increase to 7,356 euros. The child benefit will also increase next year – but only by two euros per month. Critics call the tax reform therefore also “tax reform”. The child supplement for low-paid workers, however, looks a little better. Here the support increases by ten euros to a total of up to 170 euros per month .

For single parents 2017 changes a lot: One parent families are entitled to more maintenance from the other parent. Children up to 5 years are entitled to at least 150 euros maintenance , children up to 11 years to 201 euros, children up to 18 years to 268 euros and children over 18 years to 335 euros a month. The advance on maintenance received by single parents who receive no or too little maintenance from the other parent will continue to be paid in future until the child reaches the age of majority and is no longer limited to just 72 months.

Saving tips for students and latecomers: submit tax declaration by 31 December 2016

The deadline for the tax return 2015 is already long gone. Because on 31 May each year , the tax office expects the tax returns of citizens. However, those who consult a tax consultant or a tax payers’ association when declaring their tax will be granted a deadline extension until 31 December 2016 .

For students, December 31st of each year is an important date. After all, they can file a tax return for up to seven years retroactively and thus deduct their study costs. On average, they get 3,000 euros back from the state . This year brings particular savings potential for students, as the seven-year period is expected to be shortened to four years in 2017. Therefore, students and graduates should submit their tax returns from 2009 to 2012 until the end of the year .

Basic security increases for singles, children and more

In Germany, every citizen is entitled to basic security, which can not make a living alone. These include, for example, people of retirement age without sufficient pension entitlements, the long-term unemployed and children affected by poverty and people with disabilities who earn little or no income. For children from the age of 7 to 14, the basic pension increases as of 1 January 2017 the most . Their legal guardians receive 291 euros per month then 21 euros more money . Single, non-workable adults, people with disabilities and adolescents aged 15 to 18 each receive five euros more.

Saving under the palm trees: These destinations are particularly favorable in 2017

In 2017, to make well-deserved holidays as cheaply as possible, you just have to choose the right place at the right time . The prices for flights and accommodation often depend on the destination and the travel time. Those who want to leave Germany as far as possible and toying with long-distance travel to Thailand, Vietnam or South Africa fly best in February, November and December. Closer destinations such as Ireland, Portugal, Austria or Croatia are cheaper between May and September .

Some people prefer to save their holidays and stay at home. There they also have the opportunity to use many offers on site cheaper. In most major cities there is a family pass , with which leisure facilities are cheaper. So the visit of the swimming pool, cinema or museum is possible even with small means. Some cities, such as Berlin or Frankfurt am Main, also offer discounted public transport tickets. In Berlin, however, the reduced fares are only available to people who are entitled to social assistance or the so-called Berlin Pass .

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Im Ratenkreditrechner günstige Ratenkredite finden




Kundenbewertung 24.05.2018 um 15:29 Uhr Man bekommt so günstige Preise die man sonst nicht erreichen würde. Bei Problemen steht Verivos zur Seite und der Wechsel ist wirklich sehr unkompliziert


Kundenbewertung 24.05.2018 um 06:59 Uhr Benutzt Verivox….und ihr könnt Geld sparen.


Kundenbewertung 23.05.2018 um 18:02 Uhr Der gewünschte Wechsel des Gaslieferungen lief schnell und problemlos. Die angebotenen Hilfsmittel, wie z. B. Gasrechner, haben zu dem schnellen Wechsel beigetragen. Die Bestätigung des neuen Lieferanten kam sehr zügig.


Kundenbewertung 22.05.2018 um 09:44 Uhr Alles war ok. Der Gasanbieterwechsel lief reibungslos. Leider rief man mich zu Hause an, um mir weitere Verivox-Produkte aufzuschwatzen. Das fand ich nicht schön.


Kundenbewertung 21.05.2018 um 16:30 Uhr Der Wechsel dauerte ca. 2 Monate, das lag aber am vorherigen Anbieter der nach einem Jahr den Strompreis um ca. 50 % erhöhen wollte. Das Sonderkündigungsrecht/Kündigung durch den neuen Anbieter wurde nicht akzeptiert, ich musste dann nochmals selber kündigen. Das Ganze war sehr zeitaufwendig bis die Stromanbieter jedesmal antworteten. Durch Verivox gab es keine Verzögerung


Was ist ein Ratenkredit? Warum einen Ratenkreditrechner nutzen?

Manchmal ist es so, dass dringend benötigte Anschaffungen nicht aus dem laufenden Einkommen oder den Ersparnissen bestritten werden können. In dieser Situation ist es sinnvoll, einen Kredit aufzunehmen. Eine Möglichkeit hierbei liegt in der Überziehung des Girokontos. Dies sollte jedoch nach Möglichkeit vermieden werden. Für die Überziehung des Kontos verlangen die Banken zum Teil sehr hohe Zinsen. Es ist also überaus teuer, das Girokonto zu überziehen. Dies ist vor allen Dingen dann der Fall, wenn der Dispositionskredit (Dispo) bereits weitgehend ausgeschöpft ist. Eine bessere Möglichkeit ist die Aufnahme eines Kredits.

Ein Kredit, der immer wieder gerne aufgenommen wird, ist der Ratenkredit. Der Kreditnehmer zahlt hier monatlich feste Raten über einen bestimmten Zeitraum. Er kann somit sehr gut einschätzen, ob er sich einen Kredit für eine bestimmte Anschaffung leisten kann. Der Ratenkreditrechner auf ermittelt genau, welche Raten für eine bestimmte Kreditsumme zu zahlen sind. Dabei werden natürlich die Angebote einzelner Anbieter miteinander verglichen. Sie werden feststellen, dass es hier zu nicht unerheblichen Unterschieden kommen kann. Daher sollte das günstigste Angebot auf jeden Fall ausgesucht werden.

Beste Konditionen für einen Autokredit berechnen

Ein wichtiger Faktor ist der Verwendungszweck: Viele Anbieter orientieren sich bei der Höhe ihrer Zinsen daran, wie sicher das Darlehen ist. So machen viele Banken ihren Zinssatz von dem Schufa-Score des Kunden abhängig. Eine andere Möglichkeit ist, einen Nachlass für Autokredite zu gewähren. Sollte es dem Kunden unmöglich sein, den Gesamtbetrag zurückzuzahlen, kann die Bank das finanzierte Auto einfach verkaufen. Wer einen Autokredit braucht, kann den entsprechenden Verwendungszweck im Kreditrechner angeben.

Vorzeitige Tilgung und Umschuldung

Ein Ratenkredit kann nicht nur für große Anschaffungen wie den Kauf von Immobilien oder einem Auto, sondern etwa auch zur Umschuldung genutzt werden. Auch dieses Feld können Interessenten im Ratenkreditrechner auswählen. Eine Umschuldung ist immer dann sinnvoll, wenn Kunden hohe Zinsen für bestehende Kredite zahlen müssen. Sie können einen neuen, günstigen Ratenkredit aufnehmen und zur vorzeitigen Tilgung des alten Darlehens nutzen. Die alte Bank kann aber Gebühren für die vorzeitige Tilgung verlangen. Bei Darlehen, die ab dem 11. Juni 2010 abgeschlossen wurden, ist die Höhe der Gebühren begrenzt. Sie kann bis zu einem Prozent der verbleibenden Kreditsumme betragen, wenn das Darlehen eine Restlaufzeit von einem Jahr oder mehr hat. Bei einer kürzeren Laufzeit ist die Gebühr sogar auf 0,5 Prozent begrenzt.

Der Ratenkreditrechner – eine sehr gute Hilfe bei der Kreditaufnahme

Neben den Zinsen spielen bei der Aufnahme eines Kredits auch andere Konditionen eine bedeutende Rolle. So ist es wichtig, ob und in welcher Höhe kostenlose Sondertilgungen möglich sind. Der Ratenkreditrechner auf bietet Interessenten eine leicht verständliche Übersicht und erlaubt eine unkomplizierte Beantragung. Wer mit dem Ratenkreditrechner das passende Angebot gefunden hat, kann sich seine Wünsche erfüllen und dabei noch jede Menge Geld sparen.


Seitenblick auf lächelnde Frau in Cabrio am Meer im Sonnenschein


About Online Auto Title Loans – 5 Points You Should Be Aware Of

For those involved with the need of fast cash, one of the most useful options available is auto title lending product. Presently, there are various organizations that offer fast loan. These loans are easily available and need no credit rating.

When you may obtain a truck title loan, you will find that there isn’t any credit looks at. If you have bad credit or no credit, traditional lenders often won’t advance you the funds you would. As long as you possess a clear title to your car, in most cases, an automobile title lender will provide this money and inside a short duration of time.

After all, with a bank account you can access to obtain the cash from are usually anywhere via the nation’s interlinked network of ATM fitness machines. Having an account of one’s own also allows anyone to make credit and debit card purchases, whereby the actual is debited right out of your scenario. And there are other benefits, as well, such as the associated with online banking, special bank-sponsored auto & mortgage loans, having the to cash checks written to you, and capacity to earn interest on this money.

You have bad credit histories. Maybe you’ve tried for credit but you’ve already been turned in. Your credit history doesn’t matter when it will come to auto title loans because in order to providing your vehicle as backing for the borrowed funds. As long as experience a clean title, you’ll qualify.

Even owning a home free as a bird in a depressed companies are more financially safer than paying rent for the following 10 many years of your your life. No more mortgages and no more chance of foreclosure. When someone doesn’t matter now what the value of the home is, it will go back in enjoy. All real estate investments correct for your markets. Usually at 20 year intervals but when certain condition exists, like high gas prices, the markets adjust at period to correct the affects that a very event delivers about.

Have you had a scenario where you received a long check from a company and deposited it to rewarded your bills, only to discover that in small print are the words, “only $200 designed for instant revulsion. Balance applied in a year.”? What a disheartening feeling to understand you produce the money, an individual can’t head to it. This is where an auto title loan could valuable. If you have bills that have to be paid immediately, and won’t wait just before balance of the check is credited, many apply for a loan to keep you afloat a week or two until the check article content. This way, you get the bucks and the invoices get salaried.

Auto title loans can be found throughout the U.S. including California. But is the duty of the borrowers to pick from the best lender for title quick loan. To find probably the most reliable company in this respect you should check the BBB rating of the lender. To assist people in this regard, there many BBB certified creditors in Arkansas. A reliable Long Beach based loan company that services all of California is City Loan Fast Instant cash. Fast Cash needs are taken care of by this manufacturer in a highly effective and concise manner.